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  • Get the Confidence and Know-How to
  • Create Videos that Capture Attention & Build a Loyal Audience
  • Learn How to Share Your Story Authentically Through Online Video in Order to Build an Unstoppable Brand that Conveys Trust and Professionalism
  • Generate "Buzz" On-Demand with Engaging Videos that Leave People Sharing Your Content and Talking About YOU!
  • Attract Ideal Customers Who are Already Searching for Your Product/Service!

“There is no question that I made the right choice when I signed up for James Wedmore's Reel Marketing Insider. I would encourage anyone who has an online presence and wants to learn how to make videos to join RMI for the best training they can get.”

- Dick Rauscher


Video will increase your opt-in rates, sales, and overall credibility.
Improve Your Videos, Improve Your Brand.

James Wedmore has always been my #1 resource for video marketing.

"In my early years of making videos, I was embarrassed to post them online because they looked and sounded terrible. But once I started to apply James's simple tips to make my videos better. I saw an instant increase in my video views and overall audience engagement. James is so good at making video creation simple because he has the unique ability to break things down in a way that a 'non-techy' person like me can instantly understand and apply. I truly attribute much of my video success to what I have learned from James."

- Amy Porterfield

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Here's Why You Can't Afford to Ignore Online Video

I've seen it happen time and time again...The moment someone embraces video, their business LITERALLY takes off!

Consider the following stats:

Landing pages with video convert 80% BETTER than those without video!

Your brain can process visual images over 50,000 times FASTER than reading text!  

Your chances of converting a prospect to a customer is 40% BETTER when video is used!  

When video is combined with long-form sales copy it increases engagement by 22%.

Video will DOUBLE the amount of time your audience spends on your site.

Video will INCREASE organic traffic to your site by over 150%.

Video ads have a 27% GREATER chance of getting clicked than banner ads.

52% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI.

As of 2016, 2/3 of the world's mobile data traffic will be VIDEO 

5 Common Myths that STOP Most Entrepreneurs & Business Owners from Getting Started with Video

"The Equipment Needed to Produce Quality Videos is Expensive”

You DON’T need to spend thousands to get the videos you want! You can get started with the equipment you already own, your mobile device, or at the very least, spend less than a few hundred dollars to get to that next level!

“I simply don’t have the TIME to learn any of this video stuff!”

No one does! The demands of a business owner keep us all extremely busy, but you simply can’t afford to ignore video any longer. And if you learn how to do it the RIGHT way, it just gets easier and easier to implement.

“It’s SO overwhelming!
I don’t know where to begin!”

As a Film School graduate, I know just how overwhelming and confusing video creation can be. This is why I show my students that with the right tricks, video doesn’t have to be rocket science. It CAN be simple and fun! And today, technology like mobile devices and simple editing platforms makes it easier than ever before!

“I don’t know how to edit – OR –
I can’t afford to hire an editor!”

Video editing IS the bottle neck that will slow any business owner down. This is why we show our students simple hacks that shortcut the editing process to save you hours of time WITHOUT sacrificing the quality of your work!

“I have a face for RADIO!
I don't want to be on Camera!”

If you don’t want to be on camera, there are ways to make very engaging videos without anyone ever seeing your face. HOWEVER, I encourage all my students to shine on camera, and with simple lighting and scripting techniques, any “video newbie” can instantly be transformed into a star!  

"It's always good to have a 'go to person' for... well... pretty much everything when it comes to business. For online video, my go to person is James Wedmore. Period."

- David Siteman Garland
Creator of The Rise To The Top

Get a behind-the-scenes peek into what's working for online businesses and what's not...

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8 Core Modules that walk you step-by-step through our success system, from how to make your first video to advanced promotional strategies.

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Monthly training calls to discuss video marketing strategies and industry trends that impact your business and increase your bottom line.

Scripts of the Month

We take all the hard work out of video creation and marketing by giving you tried and tested scripts for your business

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Monthly interviews with RMI members who share their video marketing successes with the community.


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What Others Are Saying About RMI

“James Wedmore is the best person you can possibly learn from if you are looking to build your business with video.

Not only does James excel in front of the camera, he is an amazing teacher and trainer as well. He has helped me not only create incredibly high value video for my audience, but taught me how to apply a strategy for using my videos to increase my exposure and build my brand. James for President!”

- Melanie Duncan

“I’ve worked my way through a number of training courses on Video Marketing, and without a doubt, James is THE EXPERT when it comes to using YouTube for growing your business.

Despite being in a very niche market - I work with UK accountants - the help I’ve had from James and his online training has helped me to get over 10,000 views across my various Youtube Channels.”

- Mark Wichersham



“Your program pulled all of this together for me -- giving me a good idea of what assets I already have, and what I need to do to make them productive.

In my opinion, your program -- for what it offers -- is underpriced. It provides information that I have seen in other programs and publications -- and truly much, much more. Again, though, it’s an outstanding training program.”

- Steve Wetherby